Top 100 Blogs for NFL Fans

With every regular season, NFL fans anxiously pace the floor to see if their teams will make the playoffs, and ultimately a trip to the Super Bowl . But with all the tail gaiting, fantasy football, and free agency, it’s hard for any diehard fan to keep track. With this being said, we have concocted a list of the best blogs out there for all you NFL lovers, no matter what team it is you’re rooting for. We have grouped them by conference to include the AFC and NFC, as well as North, South, East, and West.

Top Blogs for AFC East NFL Fans

espnBuffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, and the NY Jets.

  1. Inside the Bills – This site is brought to you by with commentary by Chris Brown. Get all the latest news and updates for all you fans of the Buffalo Bills.
  2. The Phinsider – Click here if you are a true follower of the Miami Dolphins. This community is devoted to the only NFL franchise known to have an undefeated team.
  3. The Patriot Act – A great blog with some dry humor to offer. Learn everything you possibly can about the New England Patriots with some help from these posts.
  4. – Written solely by Brian Basset, a diehard NY Jets fan. He has been blogging about them for about five years now.
  5. ESPNAFC East Blog – Contains commentary by Tim Graham of ESPN , a former Miami Dolphins reporter from the “Palm Beach Post.”
  6. Buffalo Low Down – Another blog for all you Bills lovers. This blog proudly represent the team’s popularity as well as their crazy fans.
  7. Miami Dolphins in Depth – From the Miami Herald, this blog is written by Armando Salguero. He has been reporting about the Dolphins since 1990 and hosts a Dolphins show every weeknight called “The Ticket.”
  8. Extra Points – Another newspaper blog, this one by “The Boson Globe.” These bloggers provide you with regular news and a behind the scenes look into the Patriots.
  9. The Jet Stream – Reporting since 1996 for the “New York Daily News,” you’ll believe this guy has a lot on his mind when reading his thought provoking posts about the NY Jets.
  10. Buffalo Rumblings – A great source for all your daily Buffalo Bills coverage. From rosters to stats, there is always something going on with this site.
  11. Phin Phanatic – A Miami Dolphins Blog featuring the latest news and views. This is the place for Miami Dolphins updates on the draft, fantasy, games, players, and injuries.
  12. Patriots Locker – You can always count on getting the most current commentary and stats about the New England Patriots on this blog. If you’re a definite Patriots fan then you should bookmark this site.

Top Blogs for AFC North NFL Fans

Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Cincinnati Bengals.

  1. Dawg Pound Daily – This blog was created to bring devoted fans first rate Browns news and information as well as anything else a Cleveland Browns fan could ever desire.
  2. For Those Who Bleed Purple – Read this blog’s inside scoops and details about the Baltimore Ravens. This blogger is a true fan that will keep you updated 24/7.
  3. Steelers Depot – Stay informed up to the minute from this lifelong Pittsburg Steelers fan from North Florida. He is happy to have been around for all five of their Super Bowl championships.
  4. Bengal s Gab – A distinctive blog focusing on the Cincinnati Bengals. Posts are updated daily for the latest news about this team.
  5. AFC North Blog – ESPN rounds up all the recent information going on for all you AFC North Fans. Get the low down on your favorite and not-so-favorite teams.
  6. Cleveland Browns Beat – Receive up to the minute analysis from Toni Grossi and Mary Kay Cabot on all things Browns. There is also a question and answer session done to tackle those tough inquires.
  7. The Ebony Bird – An unofficial blog of the Baltimore Ravens. Get play by play stats and information updated every day.
  8. Behind the Steel Curtain – A hard working site committed to the six time world championship Pittsburgh Steelers. Keep yourself informed with current news, as well as reflect on the history of the team.
  9. Blog ‘n’ Gold – The “Pittsburgh Post Gazette” serves up some provoking discussion for Steelers fans. You will surely want to comment on some of these posts.
  10. Stripe Hype – To all those tried and true “Who Dey?” fans, this blog is for you. If you love the ‘Nati and your Bengals, then take a look at this site.
  11. Balitimore Beat Down – If Baltimore is your team then you will definitely want to check out this blog. This site is written for fans by fans.
  12. Steeler Tribute – A great blog for all you Steelers maniacs. There are categories such as news archives, game recaps, facts & info, and many more.

Top Blogs for AFC South NFL Fans

Houston Texans, Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Indianapolis Colts.

  1. – The official blog of the Houston Texans. Follow the action daily with commentary provided from everyone down to the cheerleaders.
  2. Music City Miracles – Get the ultimate reports on the Tennessee Titans with this up to the minute blog. This site will keep fans updated every day of the year.
  3. Jaquars Locker – You can’t follow the Jaguars correctly unless you head over to this blog. This is an all in one source for news and scores as well as the detailed necessary stats.
  4. Stampede Blue – For all you passionate Colts addicts who love all things white and blue, keep your eye on this site. Check out the stats and commentary to keep you abreast of the 2006 NFL champs .
  5. Battle Red Blogs – Good posts and the occasional outburst about all things Texans is what you’ll find on this blog. Jump on this crazy ride with these Texas obsessed fans.
  6. Titan Sized – This beloved fan has followed the Titans for the last ten years. Regardless of their record, he stands by his Tennessee players.
  7. Big Cat Country – Jacksonville Jaguars news, reports, facts, and maybe even some rumors here and there. These posts are all from a devoted fan’s point of view.
  8. AFC South Blog – Paul Kuharsky spent more than twelve years covering the Titans for the Tennessean. He now reports for this ESPN blog to give you player tidbits and anything else you need to know about your AFC South teams.
  9. Naptown’s Finest – This blogger/fan openly admits he has a man crush on Peyton Manning. Regardless, he provides you with all the huge info and stories that encompass the team as well as some good old fashion ranting and raving.
  10. Texans Gab – As Texans lovers, these bloggers are optimistic about the future and think past errors are just part of a growing process. By reading these posts, fans will be encouraged and proud.
  11. Titans Tracker – Vince Young would be proud reading this blog. Go to this site for all the facts and scoops on the Titans.
  12. Jaquars Gab – Includes news and game analysis, an archived photo gallery, and great links to tickets for any radical Jaguars fan.
  13. 18 to 88 – Written by two brothers who adore the Indianapolis Colts. They believe that Peyton Manning is the best quarterback of the present and that Marvin Harrison is the second best receiver ever.

Top Blogs for AFC West NFL Fans

Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers, and the Kansas City Chiefs

  1. BroncoTalk BroncoTalk is a resource for Denver Broncos news created by fans, for fans. One of the larger independent Broncos information blogs, there are plenty of articles on the latest buzz and observations associated with the team.
  2. Inside the Oakland Raiders – Get the most recent chat about the Oakland Raiders. Jerry McDonald offers the inside dish on game predictions and observations.
  3. Bolt Talk – Get profiles on all the Chargers, as well as stats, scores, rankings, and standings. Also get insider reviews on team gear, merchandise, apparel, and tickets to the games.
  4. KC Chiefs Blog – Everything the extreme Chiefs fan is looking for. The KC Chiefs Blog is home to The Red and Gold Report which is one of the more popular team football podcasts on the worldwide web.
  5. Mile High Report -Search this blog for all your honest insight and concrete facts about the Broncos. This is your decisive connection to your favorite team 365 days of the year.
  6. Raiders Only – This blog is well aware of the loyalty of Raiders fans. From questions of the day to reader polls, enthusiasts of the silver and black will definitely enjoy reading the articles on this site.
  7. Bolt Hype – Interact with other fans through this collaborative forum and offer some of your own thoughts about your favorite team, the San Diego Chargers.
  8. Arrowhead Addict – Reports filled with updates and opinions straight from the stands after the home games and sometimes an away game or two. Get a season ticket holders outlook on what he thinks is the best football stadium in the world.
  9. Bronco Madness – A dedicated blog for Denver Broncos fanatics. They publish the newest Bronco’s dirt as well as fresh reviews instead of the same old commentary.
  10. Thoughts From the Dark Side – The Raiders have been around for 50 years and their fans are absolutely going to love these posts. This is genuinely a remarkable blog that any follower will appreciate.
  11. Bolts Bulletin – An unofficial and biased blog talking about everything that is the San Diego Chargers. Sponsored by the folks at the “San Diego Union-Tribune.”
  12. AFC West Blog – The four letter word of sports coverage (ESPN) offers up an unbiased look at all four teams in the NFL’s most see sawing division.

Top Blogs for NFC East NFL Fans

Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Washington Redskins, and the Philadelphia Eagles

  1. Defending the Star – Click here for a dedicated fan’s perspective on the Dallas Cowboys. This blogger has been a loyal Cowboys fan for about 30 years.
  2. Big Blue View – Get a year round rundown on your favorite New York Giants players. Exclusively for fans, everything from stats to rosters is covered.
  3. Hog Haven – A fan-centric community blog of Redskin admirers. Articles are updated daily with interviews, reports, and commentary.
  4. Inside the Iggles – Scott will profess that he has been bleeding Green since he was eight years old. In his humble opinion, Eagles fans might be bit cynical at times, but no one can doubt their commitment.
  5. NFC East Blog – All the NFC East updates, cordial arguments, scores, standings, audio and video highlights, and stats are brought to you by ESPN.
  6. Blogging the Boys – When this blog says their main goal is to give you Cowboy news 24/7, they really mean it. There are posts added daily and sometimes even two to three times with topics ranging from free agency to draft updates.
  7. New York Football Giants Talk – With the hopes of the playoffs in sight, this fans posts are filled with the love and support of a true Giants junkie. Review plays and join in some interesting discussions.
  8. The Official Blog of Chris Cooley – The official blog of Washington Redskins’ tight end Chris Cooley. He started the site to let fans have a more personal view of his life inside and out of football.
  9. Philedelphia Eagles – An unofficial blog of the Philadelphia Eagles, it manages to dig deep into the highlights for all those passionate fans who bleed green.
  10. Dallas Cowboy Nation – A sports blog created just for all you Dallas Cowboys nuts out there. The game chats and forums are a great way to interact and discuss issues amongst your peers.
  11. Gmen Den – If you want to know all the latest happenings related to the New York Giants, then take a peek at this blog. From a Long Island native who is passionate about the Giants.
  12. The Official Washington Redskins Blog – This fan has been given an open invitation to Redskins Park. This blog will take you behind the scenes of the everyday life of players and coaches.
  13. Dallas Cowboys Blog This blogger from the “Dallas News” is sure to bring you the best on and off field updates as well as some special columns and live game updates.

Top Blogs for NFC North NFL Fans

Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions, and the Minnesota Vikings.

  1. – All of the news on the Chicago Bears all in one site. A must if you want a one stop shop for all your Bears needs.
  2. Cheesehead TV – Dedicated to Green Bay Packer fans around the world. This is home of an eccentric community of Packer lovers with live chats on game day, videos, and photo galleries.
  3. Pride of Detroit A fan based blog by SB Nation. It is your start for all things having to do with the Lions.
  4. Daily Norseman – Trying to be the best Minnesota Vikings blog on the web, it offers a different mixture of breakdowns and observations on the Vikings, as well as a bit of humor.
  5. NFC North Blog – Once again, ESPN brings you the blog on all your cherished NCF North Teams. Get recaps, stats, and the latest foresights.
  6. Beardown Blog – Brought to you by some Bears fans from the U.K. . You’ll love their chat room and forum, and the gallery is unique amongst others.
  7. Packersgeeks – A unique Packers blog with live commentary and innovative reporting. Their predictions can keep you reading and coming back for more.
  8. Side Lion Report A collaboration of the latest Detroit Lions predictions, goodies, and opinions.
  9. Vikings Gab -They vow to cover the Vikings from the draft right through to the postseason (and a hope for the Super Bowl). Get all your Minnesota Vikings news and maybe a couple rumors added in.
  10. Total Packers – This blog will tell it like it is without sugar coating. Gives you the analysis and talk about the topics that are important to those real Green Bay Packers fans.

Top Blogs for NFC South NFL Fans

Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

  1. Atlanta Falcons with D. Orlando Ledbetter – Get the insider details from D. Orlando Ledbetter on the latest encounters of the Atlanta Falcons. From Michael Vick to getting back down to the basics, everything is covered here.
  2. Our New Orleans Saints – A member of the black and gold bike patrol, this blogger rides his bike to every New Orleans Saints home game in the Superdome.
  3. Cat Crave – This blog will make you get your growl on. It is a great site to find good sales on your Carolina Panther tickets.
  4. The Pewter Plank – Both the Buccaneers and their wacky fans deserve a blog that can accurately relate to the team’s reputation. Get your cannons ready!
  5. The Falcoholic – A blog faithful to all the triumphs and tribulations of the Atlanta Falcons. This blog pledges to soar higher than the rest.
  6. Chicks in the Huddle – This site is for all the girls out there who love football just as much as the guys do. These girls are devout about the champion New Orleans Saint’s fans and realize there is more to football than just tight ends and wide receivers.
  7. Cat Scratch Reader – Between their fan post and shots sections, genuine Panther fans can have their say as well as get all the latest news about the Carolina Panthers.
  8. Bucs Beat – An online place to go for Tampa Bay Buccaneer fans interested in headlines about the team. Written by the staff at the “St. Petersburg Times” who are open to reader’s comment on anything from players to the front office.
  9. ESPN – Follow ESPN football blogger Pat Yasinskas for the hottest news flashes, speculations, and circulation on the NFC South’s Buccaneers, Falcons, Panthers, and Saints.
  10. J. Mike’s Missives – Join the managing editor of as he gives you a closer look at the Falcons and the NFL. The official online voice of the Falcons.
  11. – delivers daily accounts on the Bucs that will make you either giggle or curse at your monitor. You won’t find another Bucs fan site like it on the web.

Top Blogs for NFC West NFL Fans

Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, and the St. Louis Rams.

  1. NFC West Blog – Get all the NFC West highlights and stats with some help from Mike Sando. He covered the Seahawks for nine years reporting for the “Tacoma News Tribune.”
  2. Word from the Birds Blog – The occasional musings of a long suffering fan and his views and impressions while he follows his team, the Arizona Cardinals.
  3. Dave Krieg’s Strike Beard – A kind of habit forming blog about the Seattle Seahawks. Blunt commentary is served with knowledge, favoritism, and a smidgeon of profanity.
  4. Niners Nation – Professed to be the only blog that likes VD and crabs. They even have a 49er’s section that starts from the very beginning and continues from year to year.
  5. Rams Gab – A collection of Rams stats, thoughts, and replays. Communicate with other fans to talk about what’s going on with the team.
  6. Raising Zona – Written by a fan since day one in 1988. He even had a job with the Cardinals during seasons two and three in Arizona as a ball boy during training camp in Flagstaff.
  7. Field Gulls – Read the good and the bad about the Seahawks on this blog. Although they’ve made some mistakes, the posts remain loyal to this Seattle football team.
  8. 49ers Paradise – A blog that any 49ers fan can rely on for everything and anything to do with the San Francisco 49ers. They report on the offseason as well as the latest news all year long.
  9. St Louis Rams Blog – Once again, brings you this official blog of the Rams. Read what they have to say about rookie coach Steve Spagnuolo and what the Rams will be doing in the future.
  10. Hawk Zone – if you yearn for a championship as much as this blogger, then this may be the right blog for you. So for all you 12th men out there, read this blog for the best updates as well as some historical moments in Seahawks history.
  11. San Francisco 49ers Fan Blog – Focusing solely on the fans, this blog offers heated arguments and informative discussions about all things related to the 49ers.

So grab your jerseys, paint your faces, and read these blogs for the down low on all your favorite grid iron teams. Hopefully you will see them in the next Super Bowl.