BS in Forensic Science from American InterContinental University

How Can I Get This Degree? American InterContinental University’s forensic science program can be very beneficial to successful graduates looking to work in the forensic science field. The completion of this program will prepare and teach students the skills and abilities needed to investigate crimes by collecting, analyzing, and testing evidence. To obtain this degree, the student must successfully complete 90 credit hours. General education requirements account for 27 hours, including courses in art, sociology, science and cultural studies. Additionally, 18 credit hours are dedicated to concentration courses including criminalistics and cybercrimes. The upper division core classes, 40.5 hours, are made up of constitutional law, crime victim studies, comparative criminal justice systems and research methods, with an additional 4.5 hour requirement of a proseminar in criminal justice. The tuition rate for this program at American InterContinental University is $355 per credit hour and financial assistance is available to students that qualify.

What Can I Do With This Degree? Degrees in forensic science are rewarding, as there always seems to be a need for people in the ever evolving and changing world of forensic science. Forensic science graduates from American InterContintal University are prepared to enter the fast-growing forensics world with the knowledge needed to process a crime scene and demonstrate techniques and applications learned to do it effectively and efficiently. Many graduates of this degree go on to pursue occupations as forensic science technicians. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, forensic science technicians made a median annual salary of $49,860 in 2008, the most current information provided by the bureau. Additionally, employment change in forensic science technicians is projected to increase by at least 20% by 2018, making the degree very beneficial to employers looking to hire well trained and skilled employees.