AS in Criminal Investigations from Everest University

How Can I Get This Degree? Everest University offers an associate of science in criminal investigations which offers the basics of crime scene investigations, practices, and theories. The program, which consists of a total of 96 credit hours, is broken down by major core, college core, and general education core requirements. The major core of the degree program consists of 44 credit hours, including courses in criminalistics, graphics, fingerprint classification, crime scene photography, and evidence, and the college core, 10 credit hours, includes courses in computers and strategies. The general education core of the program, 34 credit hours, includes english, government, sociology, math, psychology, and literature courses. An additional 8 credit hours are criminal justice related elective courses, based on the student’s preference. Everest University’s associate of science in criminal justice program generally takes students about 2 years to complete.

What Can I Do With This Degree? Graduates of this degree program will be prepared to enter the fields of criminalistics, fingerprints, crime scene photography, and technology crimes. Many graduates of this program work in local, state, and federal positions relating to forensic labs, investigation units, and medical examiners offices. Many graduates also find employment as forensic science technicians, print examiners, and forensic investigators. According to Payscale, forensic science technicians earn an annual salary of between $29,822-$47,284, forensic investigators earn an annual salary of between $30,837- $58,327, and forensic analysts earn an annual salary of between $35,871- $47,694. Additionally, the annual salary for a starting private detective or investigator is between $27,514 and $39,663. This degree will prepare students for many important careers in law enforcement at many levels, and since criminal justice related careers are projected to continue to increase in demand, this a highly beneficial degree to receive.