The Top 50 Self Defense Blogs

Crime affects us all, whether it happens to us or someone we care about. If you have been the victim of a crime, or would like to prevent one, self defense is a must read topic. Below is a list of what we consider to be the 50 best websites, arranged by category, dedicated to teaching and applying various self defense techniques, as well as information on preventing crime through awareness and knowledge.

Unarmed Self Defense

These blogs contain vast amounts of information on how men, women, and even children can use self defense to protect themselves.

1. Self Defense Blog: Gershon Ben Keren is a self defense instructor. He teaches students how to defend against a single attacker, armed attaker, and so on. This blog contains information on defense using basic moves and techniques, as well as containing an option to ask questions.

2. Self-Defense & Violence Prevention Blog: Scott Hughes intends for this blog to be the best resource on self-defense and violence prevention. His goal is to see the day when rape, murder, sexual assault, theft and other forms of victimization are a thing of the past. He uses safety, self-defense, security information to combat domestic abuse, teen violence, and prevent violent crimes.

3. Marshall Self Defense Blog: The Marshall Company is a family owned and operated business and they understand the desire to protect your family in the best possible way. The company is committed to helping people protect themselves and loved ones with quality self defense and surveillance products. There are posts on covert hidden cameras, home safety, and protecting your children.

4. 919 Security Self Defense Blog: Blogger Adam Walls provides information on self defense for you, your home, and your loved ones that will prepare and defend you against your safety fears. There is also information on self defense products, hidden cameras, and various weapons. Recent post include information on stun guns, defending against an animal attack, and how fake security cameras can work as well as the real thing.

5. My Self-Defense Blog: John Zimmer has studied and practiced karate since the age of 10, competed in tournaments, and owned a karate school in El Cajon, California. A teacher of self defense, he had a women student foil a gas station robbery. Injecting realism into his blogs, John discusses the pros and cons of various techniques.

Handgun Blogs

For those interested in bearing arms, these sites will inform on gun use, safety, reviews, and recommendations on which firearm is right for you.

6. Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog: Clayton Cramer blogs on civilians using guns in self-defense. This blog particularly focuses on home invasion, burglary, residential robbery, and business robbery. He posts articles on incidents that took place that involved the above and their outcome.

7. Nebraska CCW: Chris is enthusiastic about gun safety and has even taught his three sons its merits. This blog focuses on safe firearm handling and ownership. While giving advice, he also posts stories of note on gun accidents and how they could have been avoided.

8. Firearm Fun: This is an online review site written by Kennard, a regular guy, who rates different firearms. Designed to give real advice to non-professional shooters, the intent is for visitors to get information on a weapon before they buy. He includes reviews on everything from handguns to rifles, and makes recommendations.

9. Big Gay Al’s Big Gun Blog: Albert is a gay man living in Lansing, Michigan. A self described liberal conservative, he believes in the right to keep and bear arms for self defense. This blog focuses on gun use and gun rights from his unique point of view.

11. Nurse With A Gun: Xavier is a registered nurse who specializes in complex wound care and has practiced for over twelve years. An avid shooter for over 30 years, he strongly supports the second amendment, opposes gun control of any sort, and carries a weapon 24 hours a day. Often providing nursing services in areas where law enforcement refused to enter without back-up, Xavier posts thoughts and tips on gun ownership.

Self-Defense For Women

Unfortunately, women remain a tempting target for criminals, but these blogs contain stories on women who fought back, or have the know how to fight back.

12. Self-Defense Blog For Women: Angie Tarighi is the Founder of the Women’s Self-Defense Institute and has been teaching women’s self-defense programs for over 20 years. A tireless advocate of self-reliance and responsibility, she encourages women to actively protect themselves through awareness and education. With her help, women replace fear with skills, knowledge and confidence, and can find a RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) class in their area.

13. Home On The Range: Brigid believes her militia is her home, body, freedom, and is not afraid to apply her second amendment right. This blog is all about gun use and ownership from a woman’s point of view. Pulling no punches, Brigid’s tagline is “The power of my weapon is where it should be in my hands, trained and ready to defend and protect.”

14. Black Belt Mama: This blog was started in 2006 to document this mother’s journey in the martial arts. She is a first kyu brown belt in both Okinawan Kenpo and Kobudo and discusses what karate means to her. With a tagline of, “most karate moms just do the commute; this one is working towards her black belt,” she blogs on life, kids, and the karate journey.

15. Tae Kwon Do Mom:This blog chronicles the path to this mom’s black belt. She began Tae Kwon Do in January of 2005, and has chronicled the journey on this blog. You can read about her latest training, look through the archives, or send her some feedback.

16. Ultimate Self Defense Blog: This blog will let you view the latest changes and important updates on Women’s Self Defense Instruction Online. This husband and wife team address real problems with empowering information and effective physical skills. There is also useful information on the palm heel strike, the foot stomp, and keychain weapons.

17. Women’s Self Defense: Cheryl Watterson runs this self-defense site which consists of discussions about women’s self-defense issues, personal security and safety. She also includes videos that depict real life situations and how to protect yourself. Her goal is self defense with an attitude and how to stay safe from people who want to do you harm.

Martial Arts Blogs

Anyone interested in this ancient form of self defense should visit these sites to view guidelines, tips, and even videos on how to properly perform these difficult skills.

18. Connor & Zolley’s Aikido Site: With the help of this site, you will be able to learn about aikido-related problems and solve them more easily. Being a complex martial art, aikido takes a lot of practice and thinking. This blog gives information on the mechanics of aikido, comparisons to other martial arts, and links to books and videos.

19. Spencer County Martial Arts: This blog is dedicated to the teachings of the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu system of self-defense. The goal is to offer a safe, family-friendly, competitive environment, where personal growth is attainable for each individual. Whether your goal is competition, self-defense or just physical fitness, there are posts for men, women and children of all ages.

20. Ikigai – Blogging The Martial Way: Ikigai is defined as exploring traditional karate and martial arts. Matthew Apsokardu has been a student of the martial arts for 13 years and has acquired the rank of third Dan Okinawa Kenpo Karate (Nakamura, Odo lineage). In this blog, he explores theory, philosophy, technique, and more.

21. Tae Kwon Do Network: Kalynna is from New York and is a tae kwon do enthusiast. She is the founder of Taekwondo-Network, a source for everything tae kwon do. In addition to posts on how to do Tae Kwon Do, there are also tips on how to utilize it to lose weight and relieve stress.

22. Kung Fu Blog: The martial art of Kung Fu is an exchange of culture, a type of exercise, and also a way of defending yourself. There are various contributors and they write on various ways to protect yourself. In this blog, there are various posts on Kung Fu, including self defense techniques.

23. Urban Beatdown: This blog provides a variety of posts and videos on various defense techniques. Not to be tried at home, posts include the most humiliating hug and finger strength. On this blog you can also leave comments and connect with other visitors.

24. Richard’s Kung Fu Rantings: Richard Chow’s blog on martial arts has a specific focus on the Fut Gar style of Kung Fu. He spreads the teachings of a style that is well known in China but in danger of disappearing if not taught. This blog is intended to aid students in better understanding the world of martial arts, from a former competitor.

25. My Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Training Blog: This blog is run by a student of the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy. There is a step by step guide to performing many of the moves performed in Jiu-Jitsu. In addition, there are links and videos to help visitors on their own journey.

Tools for Self Defense

From pepper sprays to stun guns, these sites include everything. Whether interested in browsing or looking for something specific, visitors will find information on prices, availability, and a wide array of non lethal self defense weapons.

26. Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, and Tasers: This blog focuses on self defense tips, crime stories, product information, general safety, and awareness. Their motto is an ounce of protection is worth more than a pound of cure. Here visitors will learn how to protect themselves, their belongings, and their families.

27. Quality Protection Products: Thomas James is the founder of Quality Protection Products, a leading source for non-lethal self defense weapons and personal security products. Located in Northeastern Oklahoma, they are an authorized dealer of both Stun Master and Barracuda Stun Guns and carry a large variety of Mace and Pepper Shot Pepper Spray. This blog contains the pros and cons of various weapons including stun guns, mace, and security cameras.

28. Spikey Law Enforcement Products: Spikey-Tec products are specifically designed to meet the demands required by security and law enforcement professionals worldwide. On this site, visitors will learn all about the Spikey Law Enforcement Compliance Tool. It fits the palm of the user’s hand, is very powerful, and difficult to remove. Featured on the pages of “Special Operations,” there are also guides and videos on how to effectively use the Spikey.

29. Non Lethal Self Defense Blog: This blog focuses on non lethal options for those who practice self defense. There is a focus on stun guns, tasers, and pepper sprays. Also included are videos and guides on how to use these tools.

30. Stun Gun Blog: Jack Krohn is a freelance writer of informational websites on personal self-defense and home security products, including high tech surveillance. In 2006, he started “Security Solutions,” an Internet business specializing in hard to find and unique self-defense and home security products to help people protect themselves, their family, home and business. In this blog, you will find all things related to choosing, owning, and operating a stun gun.

31. Stun Gun Pepper Spray Taser Blog: This blog discusses topics relevant to stun guns, pepper spray, TASER brand, and other personal defense items. You will find product reviews, new product roll-outs, personal defense products in the news, and more. A brief list of topics include a new version of the stun gun, a cellphone stunner, and a stun baton in action.

32. Best Stun Gun Blog: This blog discusses everything relating to stun guns, tasers, and self defense. Topics include alternatives for when pepper spray is illegal, the use of tasers on criminal suspects, and the changing laws for self defense products. There are also links to recommended products.

33. Self Defense Blog: The Self Defense Source sells all sorts of products including pepper spray, stun devices, and personal alarms. In this blog, visitors will learn how to utilize these tools, as well as the legal considerations of self defense and information on abusive relationships. Also of consideration is a post on the pros and cons of lethal versus non lethal weapons.

Crime Awareness

Knowing where, how often, and which crimes are occurring is essential to self defense. Visit these sites for statistics and what you can do to help.

34. Crime Information: This blog provides the latest information on crime statistics and self defense. Visitors can choose categories such as crime information, martial arts, women’s defense tips, and can leave opinions. There are also entries on telescopic steel batons, selecting a pepper spray, and personal alarms.

35. Self-Defense Sense: This is a blog for self defense in an unsafe world. In addition to defending yourself, there are also posts on how to defend your country, especially the United States and Great Britain. There is also information on risks to avoid and stories on successful self defense incidents.

36. Knife Crime Blog: Mark Chapman is a husband and father of two located in the United Kingdom. His blog is updated regularly on knife crimes across the world. His goal is to address the question of how to solve the UK’s knife scourge.

37. F.B.I. Uniform Crime Reports: Since 1929, the UCR was developed to meet the need for reliable, uniform crime statistics for the nation. Crime in the United States is an annual publication in which the FBI compiles volume and rate of crime offenses including arrest, clearance, and law enforcement employee data. On this site you can read reports dating back to 1995, as well as statistics for hate crimes and crimes against law enforcement.

38. LAPD Blog: This is the site of the official blog of the Los Angles police department. Regularly updated, it contains pictures of wanted criminals, high profile arrests, and stories of heroism. There is also information on crime statistics and links to podcasts.

39. American Crime Prevention Institute: The ACPI is a preeminent crime prevention training organization located in Louisville, Kentucky. They provide scheduled, contract, and on-site crime prevention training programs including basic and specialized crime prevention seminars. Topics covered in this blog include protecting against shoplifting, church crime sprees, and email scams.

41. The Dinner Gang Set: This blog is a collection of thoughts from the self proclaimed greatest jewel thief team. Pete Salerno and Dominick Latella were wanted for years for burglary. In this blog, they detail how they did it, how they got caught, and what you can do to prevent getting robbed.

42. Prevention Works: This blog is maintained by the National Crime Prevention Council. There philosophy is to stop crime before it starts. Topics include preventing crimes on campus, how to date smart, and the dangers of “sexting.”

43. Las Vegas Police Video Blog: Located on, this blog is run by the LVPD. With 58 videos to choose from, viewers will learn a great deal about crime and how to prevent it. Video topics include street robbery prevention and tips from officers themselves.

44. Troy Evans: A convicted former bank robber, Troy served his time and runs this site. Now a motivational speaker, he travels the country speaking on his past life as a criminal. On this site, you can learn tips from Troy himself on crime prevention, get links to useful resources, and contact him with any questions.

45. Houston Police Chief’s Blog: Harold L. Hurtt is the Houston Police Chief and regularly gives statistics on crime and how the average citizen can help. There are various posts on prevention, keeping the city safe, and division highlights. Visit here if you live in a metropolitan city and would like to know more about how to fight crime.

Policeman’s Blogs

Learn about crime prevention from the true professionals. From stories filled with humor to deadly encounters, these current and former police personnel tell all.

46. True Cop Stories: This blog’s founder is a twelve year law enforcement veteran who was frustrated by the constant negative press towards the police. This site allows real cops to share real stories. Told by real cops in their own words, they are often funny, tragic, ironic, helpful, and heroic.

47. Crime, Guns, And Videotape: Paul Huebl is a licensed private detective and former Chicago policeman who has worked in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. Through his blog he preaches common sense, self-defense, politics, and crime. Most posts are on gun rights and safety, but the most interesting are those on how to survive an attack.

48. Police Inspector Blog: With over 2 million hits, this blog originates from Ruralshire, England. An Inspector from County police, this blogger’s life changed one day when, frustrated beyond belief, he started this blog and wrote about his trousers. With a book already out, this is one of the most popular police blogs in the world.

49. Philosophical Cop Police Blog: The blogger has been a cop in one of America’s largest cities for over a decade and has experience in various police assignments, from patrol to the fight against terrorism. From million dollar neighborhoods to poor ghettos, ten years has changed him, and he sees things differently now. Intended to be a conversation, not a lecture, this contains the ramblings of a police officer and philosopher.

50. The Policeman’s Blog: This blog takes a look into the mad, mad world of the underclass and the public sector. Nothing is off limits as this blog covers topics too insane to be written down. The goal is to inform the public of what the police actually do and when to call them.

Being the victim of an attack can stay with you forever. But as long as there are criminals looking for victims, victims can use these and other resources to protect themselves, their property, and their loved ones. Anyone interested in self defense should stay as informed and updated as they can and utilize every tool in their possession.