The 50 Best Safety and Security Blogs

With the amount of violence and crime increasing in today’s society, now more than ever we need to be aware of our surroundings and the issues affecting ourselves and our loved ones safety. There are several blogs out there from a wide range of experts on issues such as Internet and Identity theft, National security, and crime prevention. Here’s a list of some of the best blogs we have found that can help you stay abreast of safety issues, helpful advice, and current events that are important to you and your family’s security.

Internet and Computer Security

Criminals are no longer bound by geographic location. Today’s cyber criminal can stay in the comfort of his home just by getting online. Stay up to date with the latest developments with these blogs.

1. The Internet Security Zone Written by a group of software engineers and product managers. Receive education and information that will make your Internet experiences even more secure.

2. PC Magazine’s Security Watch This blog is brought to you by PC Magazine. Brings you the most current news, review summaries, and helpful advice on security-related topics.

3. Dedicated to Frequently updated posts about significant spyware-related issues and events. They have a news section where you can search stories about spyware parasites, Internet viruses, and other security-related subjects.

4. Online Security Authority Many years of experience and resources will provide you with current information on how to keep your children and their family’s safe online. The goal of this blog is to develop a community of “responsible cyber Citizens“.

5. Threat Center Post your computer security questions on this site and get fast, precise answers. Related links and resources will help you download your security software and malware removal tools from secured and legitimate websites.

6. Computer and Data Theft Victims Focuses on issues of computer and data theft. The editors of this blog provide published articles from news, wire reports, and information sources. Learn how to protect yourself from Physical hardware theft that seems to be increasing at a high rate.

7. Identity Theft Blog An open- minded blog that teaches you ways to keep your computer safe from identity theft. Actually, this blog covers every aspect of identity theft but there are vast entries regarding computer related identity theft.

8. The Internet Patrol The Internet Patrol is managed by the Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy. Dedicated to providing analysis and commentary on subjects relating to public policies and processes regarding spam, email, and the Internet.

9. Cyber Security Tips N Tricks Outlines a number of tips and hints on cyber security. With a variety of issues such as safe surfing, ethical hacking, network security, Internet, news related to software and security breaches.

10. Internet Scams Furnishes you with a daily update of the latest internet scams. Keep yourself abreast of fraud, bank, phishing and email scams.

Home Security

Most of us think of our homes as a sanctuary, a safe place where you and/or your family can feel secure. These blogs offer good advice for keeping your home safe.

11. Home Safe Home An extensive home security and personal safety blog designed to inform readers of new updates in crime. The author is Jim McNeely who has been a Life Safety Specialist for over a decade.

12. Home Security 911 Provides information and ideas to help you create a secure environment for your home and family. Review what criminals look for when hunting for easy targets.

13. PK Safety Blog Being in business for over 60 years makes this third generation family business the authority on personal protective equipment. Get helpful advice on how to keep your home safe and secure.

14. Home Security Blog There are a wide range of topics discussed on this home security blog. Learn about everything from installing surveillance cameras to home safety for Alzheimer’s patients.

15. Residential Fire This blog is devoted to encouraging discussion on the subject of home fire protection. There are articles written by interest groups, associations and government agencies.

16. Home Security News Get the latest updates on alarms, home automation, home owner’s insurance and more. Find ways to fight and prevent crimes in your neighborhood.

17. Paul Dixon’s Home Security Blog With over 20 years in the security field, Mr. Dixon has some good advice for keeping your home secure. There are a number of articles on security systems, neighborhood watch, and home computer safety.

18. Security and Alarm Systems Blog A great resource for information on home alarm systems. This blog will let you know about scams, what the best deals are, and even step by step instructions on installation. There are also posts on fire alarms and security also.

19. Security Info Watch Offers everything you need to know about home security safety and surveillance. Get the latest on security trends, technology, loss prevention, new products and more.

Safe Kids

Keeping our children safe is a number one priority. These blogs offer commentary; stories and tips that can help young children and teenagers protect themselves from the many problems they are facing today.

20. AMW Safety Center This blog is from America’s Most Wanted. Learn safety tips to teach your kids and read articles on the most important issues affecting our children today.

21. Child predator news and online Internet safety tips Hear about current subjects related to online child predators and sex offenders. Protect the security of your own child with links, tools and information to make your child’s internet experience predator free.

22. Child Safety Every topic about keeping your children safe is covered in this blog. You can read articles on child proofing your home, stranger dangers, and consumer alert and recall reports.

23. The Dead Kids of MySpace The focus of this blog is to inform parents of criminal activity on MySpace. Posts are updated daily and include names, pictures, criminal acts, and even addresses of these offenders.

24. PC Tattletale Written by the developers of parental control software, the target of this blog is to help parents keep their kids safe in the online world today. They even have a site called Teen Chat Decoder that allows parents to decipher the acronyms kids use online and on their cell phones.

25. Safety Clicks This is a complete parent’s guide to internet safety. Research the best parental controls and software out there and get reviews on them.

26. Amber Alert GPS™ Child Safety Blog This blog is written by members of the Amber Alert GPS tracking Device Company. This is a great resource for teaching children about the danger of strangers and what they should do in different situations that they might come upon.

27. Family Watchdog Provides you with tips, advice and resources to keep your children safe from sex offenders. There is also a link that allows you to view known registered offenders and predators in your area.

28. A central location where parents and caregivers can find information about child safety. Read updated information regarding recalls, child safety news, best safety practices, state-of-the-art products, as well as opinions about everything related to child safety.

National and Homeland Security

These blogs cover the genuine opinions and facts that our researchers, government, and experts can offer on homeland security and how it relates to common citizens.

29. Homeland Security Digital Library Weblog On the Homefront. Sources on everything from FBI hate crime statistics to CSIS documents. This blog combines many different blogs for an array of coverage.

30. USA Homeland Security A forum where Americans can broadcast their opinions about US Homeland Security. These posts are heartfelt and will make you think about our liberty and rights.

31. Think Progress This organization promotes open minded ideas and politics. Their blog supports this goal with articles commonly touching on homeland security issues like immigration and privacy.

32. Danger Room From, this commonly unconventional blog covers the current news items on defense. There are also updated articles centering on homeland security showing up repeatedly.

33. Monday (P)review Updated weekly with news in relationship to homeland security, counter-terrorism, and risk management. Devoted to making you aware of the potential trends they may bring to light.

34. Homeland Security Affairs Actually, this blog is an online journal published by the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security. It is updated every month with posts concerned with opinions on homeland security issues to strengthen defense.

35. U.S. Fire Administration Blog The purpose of this blog is to promote issues regarding preparation and response to fire emergencies. The subjects in this blog will frequently relate to homeland security.

36. Evolution of Security This blog of the Transportation Security Administration presents updates on security and technology in the face of increasing terrorist threat.

37. In Homeland Security This non-partisan and non-commercial blog is sponsored by the American Military University. Delivers news and analysis of events relating to homeland security such as, law enforcement, military intelligence, border security, and more.

38. US-CERT These posts are run by the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team. Provides frequent updates of crucial security issues affecting national and cyber security.

39. Leadership Journal This government-sponsored blog from the Department of Homeland Security discusses several topics related to homeland security. A variety of topics such as emergency preparedness, immigration law enforcement, and promoting economic prosperity are discussed.

40. The Homeland Security Blog Founded to give an opening for ideas and discussion on homeland security issues, in particular, to the first responder community. A free resource for first responders and homeland security professionals who are concerned about the topics.

Personal Security (Self Defense)

These blogs have valuable information about personal security that can help you avoid becoming a crime victim. You can reduce the risk to yourself and others by using simple precautions in your daily life.

41. Self Defense Blog for Women A total personal safety blog for women. Articles are thorough and cover the security issues of today’s woman. You will learn a variety of safety tips and practical self defense tactics.

42. TACT’S – Take No Prisoners Blog Written by a bouncer and bodyguard for over 10 years. This blog deals with self defense education, crime prevention & combat tactics for mind, body & spirit.

43. Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, and Tasers… Oh My! These posts are very informative when it comes to personal security. Hear about the latest crime stories and how you can defend yourself in these situations.

44. Crime Information A weblog focusing on self defense and self defense product reviews. Offers crime stories with advice on escaping, and defending yourself against attackers.

45. Personal safety and security secrets This blog offers personal safety tips that you would probably not even think about. A post such as keeping your keys by your bed at night provides you with extra information that just might help you in a dangerous situation.

46. Self Defense for Everyone Offers simple and easy tips for people of all ages when it comes to defending yourself. There are even tutorials for using stun guns, mace, and other personal safety products.

47. Best Stun Blog Read the latest news and developments on self defense and personal security in this blog. Its posts are devoted to subjects related to tasers, stun guns, and self defense.

48. Self Defense Sense Provides information on self defense, rape prevention, personal protection, weapons, and sexual assault. Learn tactics that can help you defend yourself and even escape from these violent crimes.

49. Self Defense Products Blog Get reviews on all the latest self defense and security products. Also gives great safety and security tips from dog attacks to home invasions.

50. Prevention Works Sponsored by the National Crime Prevention Council, this blog offers the news and advice on a number of issues relating to violence and crime. Posts are on everything from campus violence to workplace safety.

As you can see, the world we live in is certainly not perfect. Whether or not you think you will be affected by any of these topics discussed, you still should know what to do if the case ever arises. An ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure.