DIY CSI: 20 Awesome Forensics Gizmos and Gadgets You Can Buy

Everyone from forensics fans to actual crime scene investigators have an array of gizmos and gadgets available to them over the internet. These tools can do everything from grabbing fingerprints to testing for drugs to protecting yourself from a variety of criminal threats. Below are the 20 best tools for forensic lovers listed by cost.

Best Forensic Software

Use these tools to investigate crimes and dig through computers just like the professionals do. Smart Draw: Start with the exact template you need, add your information, and Smart Draw does the rest, applying professional design themes to your simulated crime scene, timeline, and more. The site also features screenshots, the option to print, and best of all: it is completely free after a brief registration.

2. prodiscover ProDiscover: A group of computer security tools enables forensic investigators to find the data they need on a computer disc. Four different versions allow you to get any corrupted system back online, check for violations remotely, and even find data hidden on the computer, and compare it to the NDI’s “Hashkeeper” database. Prices start at $995, but you can download the Basic Edition Freeware at no charge.

3.gargoyle-investigator Gargoyle Investigator: This is the software that professionals use in forensic malware investigation. It performs a quick search for known contraband, hostile, or bad programs, and provides significant clues regarding the activities, motives, and intent of suspects. Not only can it detect malware from its massive database, it can also access paranoia level of a suspect and tell you if any suspicious data has been attempted to be deleted. Discounts are available for law enforcement or educational customers.

Best Forensic Protection Gizmos

Use these tools to protect yourself against counterfeiters, thieves, and stalkers.
4.counterfeit-detection-pen Counterfeit Detection Pen: Wonder if that new bill is the real deal? Then get this $4.00 pen which is used in banks and retail locations to authenticate large bills around the globe. The pen indicates true and counterfeit bills and even works on many different currencies.

5.purple-thief-detection-powder Purple Thief Detection Powder: Apply this powder to a surface such as a doorknob or a valuable object. When it comes into contact with human skin, the powder will turn hands purple to easily identify the thief. You can get this product for $16.00 and the accompanying brush for $5.00.

6. super-ear-sound-enhancer Super Ear Sound Enhancer: This product is ideal for anyone who ever wanted to discreetly listen into an important conversation. Super Ear boosts your hearing with a powerful 50+ decibels of sound gain and is powerful enough to pick up bird calls from 100 yards away. It sells for $29.95 and comes with accessories.

7.hidden-camera-detector Hidden Camera Detector “>Hidden Camera Detector: If you’ve got $21.99, a hatred of hidden cameras, and enough pocket space for something roughly the size of a keychain, then this product is for you. It will tell you by light and sound if it is detecting the signal of a camera. The detector even comes with its own batteries.

8. p3-mini-bug-detector P3 Mini Bug Detector: Afraid your home, phone, or hotel room has been bugged? Then get this unit, which not only detects such devices, but its LED display and audio tone actually pinpoint the precise location of bugs. It sells for $69.99, and can detect concealed transmitters operating on frequencies from 50 MHz to 3 GHz.

Best Forensic Kits

Use these kits to grab fingerprints, test for substances, and more.
9. home_drug_test_kit21 12-Panel Home Drug Testing Kit: Test someone instantly for 12 different drugs in addition to alcohol and nicotine. This simple urine test starts at $19.95 and discounts are available for bulk orders. A simple urine sample can detect drugs such as cocaine, meth, PCP, and even prescription drugs.

10. instant-shooter-identification-kit Instant Shooter Identification Kit: This binary test kit contains everything needed to collect gunshot residue evidence from the suspect for both the crime lab and the investigation. Get results in five minutes that are compatible to those of a scanning electron microscope. Available for $20.99, and don’t forget to pick the kit in use with your state.

11. basic-portable-fingerprinting-kit1Basic Portable Fingerprinting Kit: This kit is ideal for taking and documenting fingerprints. It sells for $55.20 and comes with ink, record cards, towelettes, and a carrying case. There are also other kits available with more features at a steeper price.

12.latent-print-kit Latent Print Kit #2: The kit is designed for small forensic departments or detective divisions. It contains everything needed for gathering latent prints at a crime scene and contains powders, brushes, lifting tapes, and more. A popular product, it sells for $66.99.

13.first-response-kit First Response Kit: The first CSI on the scene needs a special set of tools and can be found all in this kit. It comes with barrier tape, markers, chalk, marking flags, evi-lites, and more. It sells for around $200, and other similar products or individual tools are also available.

Best Forensic Gizmos

These top tools come in handy for forensic investigators, hobbyists, and students.
14.viewing-goggles Viewing Goggles: Use these goggles for eye protection and viewing fluorescent fingerprint powder or other fluorescing evidence. They fit over prescription glasses and come in other colors. The glasses sell for $20.00 and weigh only ten ounces.

15. longwave-9-uv-led-mbl9 Longwave 9 UV LED MBL9: Most blacklights seen on the web are 395nm or more and will not detect the stains and insects that this one does. It is great for id verification and small forensic work by homeland security and law enforcement officers. For $22.95, you can also detect all kinds of bacteria and virus contamination, dried bodily fluids, head lice, and even rodent infestation.

16.pocket-microscope Pocket Microscope: Since forensic investigators cannot carry bulky microscopes around, many can rely on this pen sized microscope, which even includes an adjustable focus base. A precision lens and plastic base provide clear viewing and unobstructed lighting. The 25X is available for $24.95, or you can get the doubly powerful 50X for only $29.95.

17. hemastix Hemastix: Wondering if that stain is blood but unsure? Then get Hemastix, to do a quick and easy test. Used by professionals across the nation, Hemastix change color quickly when exposed to blood. Prices start at $36.35 for a bottle of 50.

18. eyeclops-night-vision-goggles EyeClops Night Vision Goggles: Crime Scene Investigators don’t always have properly lit scenes. These night vision goggles can help them view the evidence, without accidentally bumping into it. It runs on 5 AA batteries, can see up to 50 feet in total darkness, weighs 1.8 pounds, and sells for $68.65.

19. polaroid-pogo Polaroid PoGo: Not just for college kids, forensic investigators can use this mobile device to print crime scene pictures instantly. Use to print photos from a digital camera, or even Bluetooth phone, with minimal ink. Starting at $69.00, get 2 x 3 prints in 60 seconds that are fade resistant and long lasting.

20. piccolo-xpress Piccolo xpress: Test blood samples like a pro with this compact analyzer. In use with over 800 government agencies, including the military, this device can even connect to a computer or printer using a USB port. No special training is needed to operate Piccolo, and it gives results in twelve minutes. Reimbursements for this device are also available.

As with all forensic and investigative tools, be sure to use them only for legal activities. Whether a seasoned professional or a hobbyist, you are sure to find something useful in these top 20 forensic gadgets and gizmos.