50 Fascinating Online Psychology Tests

Is there really anything more fascinating that yourself? Find out more about yourself with these 50 online psychology tests and Web sites packed full of interesting quizzes. Screen yourself for mental health problems and take the results to you doctor or just see what kind of personality you have. Check out the lighter side of psychology with the Just For Fun test section.

Mental Health Tests

1. The WB-DAT – This shrink-friendly site is designed to help your offline professional diagnose your depression and/or anxiety. It’s quick and painless, offering you the choice of printing out your final results or e-mailing them directly to your doc.
2. Depression Screening Test – These 18 questions ask you about your thoughts and actions within the last week to determine if you might be depressed or not.
3. Confidential Depression-Screening Test – This more thorough site also screens for clinical depression, asking questions regarding to your last two weeks of behavior.
4. Schizophrenia Screening Quiz – These 12 quick questions determine if you have any signs of Schizophrenia.
Who Are You Really? Personality Tests
5. Fun Personality Quizzes/Tests – As expected, this site is all about the funnier side of online quizzes. Compare your brain to your dog’s, double-check whether you are Sigmund Freud or not, and even re-examine your gender with these wacky tests.
6. Big Five Minitest – This simple test helps measure how extraverted, agreeable, open, conscientious, and stable you really are.
7. The Big Five Personality Test – This colorful site also helps measure the “Big 5” personality traits of the above tests, with bonus links to the research based on this same personality quiz.
8. Personality Tests – This page is a “gateway” of sorts, offering links to a variety of tests, from IQ tests to hostility tests and everything in-between.
9. Keirsey.com – You can view Dr. Keirsey’s interesting thoughts on the Four Temperaments to see which one you fall under, or order one of the many great products to assist with team-building and cooperation in the corporate world.
10. Personality Questionnaire – This relatively quick tests has you rate yourself on 68 unique emotional states to determine your personality type.
11. Personality Test Center – What sets this personality test apart is its emphasis on knowledge. In addition to finding out where you stand on the five factor personality scale, it explains what that means in the larger psychological context.
12. Type A Personality Test for Teens – This teen-centric tests determines whether you’re just driven and competitive, or whether you’re a Type A personality.
13. What’s your personality type? – This test is thorough, yet manages to keep things simple. With 20 quick questions, the test places you into one of 16 different personality types.

Multiple Tests All On One Site

14. Self-Help Quizzes – Another no-frills site, this page helps gauge your relationship readiness, stress vulnerability, and success orientation.
15. Personality Disorder Test – As you might imagine, this site is all about diagnosing potential personality disorders you may have. Discover if you’re antisocial, overly dependent, or downright narcissistic.
16. Diagnostic Screening Tests – This no frills site offers test to screen for depression, anxiety, and sexual addiction.
17. Mental Health -Psychology Tests – Another great “portal” type site, this page links you to a variety of quizzes concerning addiction, your career, your personality, and more.
18. Online Psychological and Personality Tests – Just like the name says, this fun and informative grab bag of online tests will tell you all about yourself. Test your IQ, discover your ideal job, help diagnose symptoms of depression or anxiety, and much more.
19. PsychTests.com – This simple site is ideal for regular users and business folks alike. Whether you just want to test yourself for a Type-A personality, or to use their tests for recruitment and training purposes at your job, it’s all up to you.
20. Online Psychological Tests – This site offers links to over a 100 online tests to measure sexual addiction, stress, eating disorders, and much more.
21. Psychological and Personality Tests – This colorful site has every test you could need. Standard psych tests, addiction tests, and downright funny tests are all just a click away.
22. Psychological Tests and Quizzes – For the more discriminating user, all of these tests have been scientifically reviewed. As such, this specific battery of psych tests helps screen for anxiety, ADD, autism, and many more.
23. Online Psychological Tests – This site offers links to a variety of online psychological tests. As an added bonus, registered users can save their scores to their profiles, meaning you can track your progress over time.
24. Quiz Stop – This simple site offers links to love quizzes, knowledge quizzes, adventure quizzes, and more.
Self Help Tests
25. Alienation Test – Another simple test, this site offers 30 questions to help define just how alienated you feel.
26. The Achievement Anxiety Test – It’s simple: answer these 19 questions to find out whether anxiety brings out your inner overachiever, or just more anxiousness.
27. What is your attachment style? – If your intimate relationships always detach before you even know they’re attached, this test is for you. In 5 minutes, it helps measure your attachment style, and offers you some scientific info on what it all means.
28. Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale – Are you a perfectionist? These 35 questions help determine if you are, and just how much of one you really are.
29. Self-control Questionnaire – Another test measuring your perfectionism, this one includes interest control-related quirks, such as whether you avoid stepping on cracks when walking down the street.
30. Homophobia Questionnaire – This 25-question tests is “designed to measure your thoughts, feelings and behaviors with regards to homosexuality” in order to determine if you are homophobic or not.
31. The Locus of Control – This golden oldie of a questionnaire (developed over 40 years ago) uses 13 questions to help determine whether or not you believe your destiny is in your own hands.
32. Phelps-Nourse Test – This detailed, 5-part series of questions helps you diagnose drug and alcohol addiction and offers information to help you combat it.
33. Self Test for Compulsive Overeating – These 21 questions help determine whether or not you are a compulsive overeater.
34. Tests for Internet Addiction – This site features seven tests to determine whether you or your child may be addicted to the internet, whether it is to gaming, gambling, cybersex, or online auctions.
35. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) – Through 20 quick questions, this test determines whether or not you have OCD.
36. An OCD Screening Test – Another great site measuring your level of OCD, this site also offers tips on finding a good therapist.
37. Sexual Disorders Screening Test – Women – These 10 women-centric questions help determine if you have any type of sexual disorder.
38. A Useful Tool for Self-Assessment – These twelve small questions have one big result: determining whether or not you are addicted to sex.
39. The Henderson/Zimbardo Shyness Questionnaire – With just 35 questions, this simple quiz helps determine your level of shyness.
Just for Fun
40. Spot The Fake Smile – Just like it sounds, this 20-question quiz sees if you can differentiate between fake and genuine smiles.
41. The Morality Test – This thorough test offers a way of defining just how moral you really are. As a bonus, there’s an option for rating friends, spouses, and coworkers.
42. Explore your memory – This 20 minute flash tests lets you see if your memory is up to snuff. And hey, you’ll be helping experimental psychologists at the University of Edinburgh with their research.
43. The Art and Personality Experiment – Here’s a twist: this test uses your evaluation of paintings to help determine what kind of personality you have.
44. Sex I.D. – These visual challenges and questions help you determine your “brain sex”—whether you think like a man or a woman, regardless of your own gender.
45. Memory Training – This site offers a memory test you can take right off the bat, as well as the technique of the World Memory Champion. See which one scores you higher.
46. Morals – Social Responsibility Questionnaire – Through these 11 questions, you can discover how socially responsible you are.
47. Face Perception 1 – This unique test has you rate a series of faces based off of your sexual preference in order to determine whether your ideal mate is an introvert or an extrovert.
48. Sensation Seeking Scale – These 40 questions determine whether you’ve got an inner thrill-seeker or prefer to play it safe in life.
49. Sniffing the Decades – This quirky tests investigates the relationship between your age and the smells you associate with childhood.
50. Relationship Tests – It’s all about relationships with these quick, fun tests. Determine your arguing style, assertiveness, and even your readiness to commit.

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