50 Best Ecology Blogs

You can check out these blogs in order to get information about animals, the environment, and ecology in general. These are particularly good for those who just want to know the basics about this topic, but there are also some specialty blogs for people with an interest in specific subjects within ecology.

    1. Ecology Today : Learn everything from the basics to more complex ideas when you check out this comprehensive blog. The site is full of answers to all your ecological questions, so read on to get quite the education.

    2. The Ecology Blog : Learn more about green products, different types of pollution, and solar power, to name a few subjects discussed here.

    3. Leave the Trail Behind : If your interests lie in animal behavior, this blog should excite you since there are links to plenty of hidden cameras that keep an eye on wildlife, as well as fascinating pictures of animals of every kind.

    4. Cheesemans’ Ecology Safaris : Live vicariously through those who are up close with nature often. This blog has beautiful pictures of animals and plants taken from close up, and provides details of recent travels to different regions of the world.

    5. Watching Our Water Ways : This blog focuses on keeping the Puget Sound area in good shape. If you are interested in protecting lakes, oceans, and rivers, as well as the animals that live in them, you should check out this blog.

    6. Deep Sea News : If you want to know a bit about the world’s large environment, check out this blog, which keeps readers up-to-date on what is going on in the sea. It is both informative and amusing.

    7. Thomas’ Plant-Related Blog : If you are interested in learning a little about plants, check out this blog. The blogger discusses papers and theories about ecology, specifically plants.

    8. TalkingNature.com : If you are interested in discussing all things nature-related, this blog is for you. Check out amazing photography, and find out little-known facts about various types of wildlife.

    9. Tetrapod Zoology : This blogger works in the ecology field, studying Cretaceous dinosaurs, birds, and other interesting wildlife. Find out obscure facts about various animals, and check out pictures taken from up-close.

    10. Ugly Overload : This fun blog offers facts about some of the ugliest creatures to roam the planet. Of course there are also pictures to go with each post.

    11. Laelaps : This blogger offers photos and information about evolution, ecology, and science in general.

    12. Coyote Crossing : If the ecology of the Mojave Desert interests you, check out the pictures and stories posted here about everything from coyotes and insects to desert plants that you have likely never seen before.

    13. Birdchick : An interest in the ecology of birds will probably lead you to this site, which features full-color images and information about birds.

    14. Environmental Graffiti : This blog informs readers about some of the deepest lakes on the planet, largest craters, highest waterfalls, and more amazing facts about the earth.

    15. Bird Ecology Study Group : If you want to know more about birds in the wild, give this blog a chance. It features in-depth facts and pictures of rare birds.

Putting Ecology to Work in Everyday Life

It is sometimes difficult to grasp the true meaning of ecology until it is put into perspective. Find out how ecology can affect everything you do, from what you eat to how your yard looks.

    16. Design Ecology : Plants can make a statement, whether in front of your business or home, when you have them styled properly. This blogger deals with ecology in a unique way, as he creates living walls and unique designs with plants.

    17. Industrial Ecology : If you are interested in sustainability, which involves making what we know about ecology work for us, check out this blog. The author discusses interesting ways to use resources found in nature to help sustain our world.

    18. Urban Ecology : If you love seeing new plants pop up in your neighborhood, and think your city should increase its number of trees, you will enjoy this blog. Urban design using some ecological tenets is the backbone of this site.

    19. EcologyIT : If you think combining ecology with technology to create a more self-sustained lifestyle is interesting, check out this blog.

    20. The Ecology Center : This blog, based in Orange County, California, is designed to appeal to those who want to increase sustainability in general. Find out about seminars, workshops, and demonstrations that teach more about this subject.

    21. Landscape+Urbanism: Ecological Urbanism : Find out a bit more about the industry that takes nature and turns it into something you can be proud to put in your front yard. Living walls and green roofs are just a few of the fascinating landscaping choices discussed here.

    22. Clean and Green Everyday : This blogger explores ways to be green and generally aware of what ecology can do for you everyday.

    23. Restoring the Americas : If sustainable forestry sounds intriguing, you will enjoy this helpful blog. Whether or not you are interested in the subject, you will be awestruck by the pictures of ancient ruins and gorgeous forests.

    24. Eco Recipes : Know how to make delicious entrees and desserts while staying as green as possible. Most are for those who are vegetarian or vegan since they are considered the most environmentally responsible recipes, but anyone can enjoy them.

    25. The Green Scene : Find out multiple ways in which you can help the environment. This blog shows you ways to think of ecology in everything you do, helping you to conserve resources in everyday life.

    26. Arts and Ecology : Most modern day artists who include the environment in their craft have had to change their style and tweak their subject due to recent ecological changes. Find out about this phenomenon and more when you check out this blog.

    27. Go Green and Make Gold : If you are tired of hearing about how all business is bad for ecology, this blog will delight you since it focuses on how CEOs can stay environmentally friendly while making money.

Ecological News and Issues

There are so many interesting issues and new problems dealing with ecology that it is sometimes hard to keep up. Stay up-to-date on what is going on with our environment with the following blogs.

    28. BeesTreesFrogsElephants.com : Get the latest news on ecological issues like global warming, endangered species, and more. Not surprisingly, this blog mainly focuses on bees, trees, frogs, and elephants, but of course other pertinent matters are discussed.

    29. Climate Progress : Consider the latest worrisome issues for our environment, such as chemicals, oil spills, and energy worries. This blog allows you to keep up with recent news that you might not have even thought would relate to ecology.

    30. Reconciliation Ecology : Get this blogger’s opinion on news that affects ecology, from the oil spill to the United States’ dependence on oil from other countries.

    31. Cleantech Blog : If you are concerned for the environment, you will probably find this author’s blog quite educational.

    32. Planet Thoughts : Read the latest warnings and thoughts on issues like oil spills, global warming, and new energy sources. You might be shocked at what you discover.

    33. Small Earth : Let this blog update you on the issues that plague most ecologists, as well as those who are just concerned for our environment.

    34. Ecology Alert : This blog aims to warn readers about issues that could occur soon, and also informs them about those happening right now. It is full of links and videos that relate to ecological matters.

    35. ConservationBytes.com : If news regarding conservation interests you, check out this blog, which focuses on reasons to help our planet and ways in which you can.

    36. Eco International : Check out topics of discussion that involve the whole world, not just the United States. Many of this blog’s writers hail from different countries and can offer a unique perspective on ecological issues.

    37. Earth Blog : Find out a bit about what this scientist considers major ecological issues.

    38. Forest Protection Blog : Find out news about issues that affect the forest and various fragile ecosystems.

    39. Climate Change Blog : If you are concerned about climate change like so many are, consider this informative blog. It has been running since 2003, so if you are interested in checking out older issues, and whether they ever got solved, this blog is quite helpful.

    40. Ecology and Policy Blog : The British Ecological Society posts about current issues facing our planet. Find out about important conferences and recent decisions that may affect the world.

    41. Mongabay.com : Check out the latest news regarding climate, conservation, and more at this ecology-conscious blog.

    42. The Environmental Blog : Get news about the latest big stories regarding the environment, and also find out facts about little-known stories that affect the ecosystems of various cities.

Blogs by Ecologists and Ecology Students

If you are looking to learn more about ecology, considering the blogs of graduate students and professionals in the field can be quite helpful. Many are still learning and are eager to share their findings with the world.

    43. African Blog of Ecology : This ecologist provides readers with interesting graphs, telltale photos, and unique ideas that he comes across in his line of work. If you do not know much about ecology, you might be a bit confused, but those interested in finding out more about this subject will be delighted with this smart blog.

    44. Ecology: A Blog Around the Clock : Browse the opinions of this chronobiologist who also takes an interest in animal behavior and other ecological issues. He discusses his viewpoints on recent ecology news, and also posts videos focusing on animal behavior.

    45. A Conservation Blog : Consider the points made by these graduate students as they navigate the issues related to the world of ecology.

    46. ecoLincNZ : This blog is presided over by students of New Zealand’s Lincoln University. Learn from them as they learn more about this field constantly.

    47. Ecographica : This blog is penned by a naturalist who is interested in evolution and ecology, of course. Check out his thoughts on this subject in general.

    48. Jabberwocky Ecology : These graduate students combine ecology with aspects of academics, as they are experts on both subjects.

    49. Logical Ecology : This professional believes in taking action to save the planet only when all the facts are known. Find out what this environmentalist and writer thinks about all things related to ecology.

    50. The Agricultural Landscape Ecology Lab : The blog focuses on how use of land and changes in the ecosystem alter the lives of beneficial arthropods. The department is part of Ohio State University, and offers readers a look at what the students there have discovered about ecology.