100 Fun Twitter Feeds for Serious SciFi Geeks

Science fiction geeks are no strangers to the computer or the internet. However, with millions of users, Twitter can be a confusing and overwhelming place. But did you know that you are not alone?

Below are the top 100 fun Twitter feeds for serious sci-fi geeks. Be sure to give a look for many names you have heard of before and a few you haven’t.

Fun Actor Twitter Feeds for Serious SciFi Geeks
These men make up the faces of the characters you love so much on both the big and small screen.

  1. msnbcmediacomChanning Tatum : He may be the star of the hit movie “Dear John,” but to sci-fi geeks he is Duke from “G.I. Joe.” Other sci-fi projects include the film “Fighting.” Tweets are on his daily life.
  2. Christopher Walken : With too many roles to count, Christopher is recognized instantly by both his voice and/or eyes. Tweets are sparse and generally involve random topics.
  3. Daniel Tosh : Unknown until a while ago, Daniel is the host of his own show “Tosh.0″ on Comedy Central. A highlight is he often responds to the tweets of his followers.
  4. Greg Grunberg : He plays one of the heroes on the show aptly named “Heroes.” Regular tweets are on daily life and humor.
  5. Zachary Quinto : Another actor on “Heroes,” he plays a villain. Tweets occasionally reply to those of fans.
  6. Neil Patrick Harris : If you know him as Doogie Howser, you can’t be a true science fiction geek. Dr. Horrible to all, he is currently planning a sequel and tweets on daily life.
  7. Nathan Fillion : You probably know him as Captain Hammer while co-starring in the above. If not, he was also in “Buffy,” “Firefly,” and currently stars in the ABC show “Caste.” His bio alone is worth a follow.
  8. Zachary Levi : He may not be a sci-fi geek, but he plays one on the NBC show “Chuck.” He is very into the Olympics and tweets all about them.

Fun Actress Twitter Feeds for Serious SciFi Geeks
These pin up girls may have lined your walls in the past or present.

  1. scifiscoopcomCarrie Fisher : The original sci-fi poster girl, she played Princess Leia in the “Star Wars” films. Tweets are both explicit and humorous.
  2. Aly Denisof : She is loved by sci-fi geeks for her for her roles in “Buffy,” “American Pie,” and “How I Met Your Mother.” She is also married to a costar in “Buffy” and tweets all about being a wife and mother.
  3. Zoe Saldana :  You may not have recognized her in “Avatar” but that was Zoe. See what interests her by following her tweets.
  4. Eliza Dushku : Most recently, she appeared as the lead on “Dollhouse,” but with roles on “Buffy” and “True Lies,” sci-fi geeks need no introduction. See what she is up to by checking out tweets.
  5. Rose McGowan : Formerly married to Marilyn Manson, sci-fi geeks best know her for her role in the series “Charmed.” Tweets are often on things that interest her.
  6. Alyssa Milano : She also starred with the above in the same series but is probably best known for her role in “Who’s the Boss?” Check out tweets for inspiration, fun, and more.
  7. Brea Grant : She refers to herself as “the girl from that thing” but has also been seen in “Heroes” and “Halloween 2.” Check out what she is up to via Twitter.

Fun Star Trek Twitter Feeds for Serious SciFi Geeks
What sci-fi geek is without a love of Star Trek? These Twitter feeds are all Trekkie related.

  1. martianchroniclescomWilliam Shatner : It all started with him, and so too must this list. The original Star Trek captain occasionally tweets on what he is up to.
  2. LeVar Burton : Best known for his role in TNG, he was also the star of the popular series, “Roots.” See what he is up to these days by checking out his tweets.
  3. Wil Wheaton : Starring in the same series as the above, Wil played Wesley Crusher. He then went on to embrace sci-fi on the web as a blogger, columnist, and Twitter user.
  4. Brent Spiner : Also a key part of TNG, he played the android, Data. Follow his acting career by following his tweets.
  5. Simon Pegg : Best known to the world for his role in “Shaun of the Dead,” Simon is also an avid sci-fi writer. Trekkies will know him as the new Scottie and enjoy his tweets.
  6. Chris Pine Network : Although not his official tweet, this is where you can keep track of the new Captain Kirk. See if he gets the Captain America role by following.
  7. Trek Movie : Join the over 7,000 other sci-fi Twitter users to see what is new in Star Trek. Tweets are often updates, along with other tidbits.
  8. Rodenberry Prod : Son of the original Star Trek producer, his production company seeks to recapture the magic. See what they are up to through these tweets.
  9. Trek Today : Get daily Star Trek headlines by following these tweets. They often link to items of interest.

Fun Comic Book Twitter Feeds for Serious SciFi Geeks
Learn more about your favorite comics, graphic novels, and more with these science fiction Twitter feeds.

  1. Agent M : The editors of Marvel comics brings you such heroes as Spiderman and The Incredible Hulk. Get updates instantly by following this Twitter feed.
  2. Joe Quesada : The editor in chief at Marvel also has his own Twitter feed. Tweets often link to items of interest.
  3. Dark Horse Comics : If your favorite movie or television show is no longer in production, chances are Dark Horse has a comic version of it. Tweets tell all about new comics and even give previews.
  4. Stan Lee : The force behind Marvel comics, Stan is also known as “The Man.” Tweets are often random and interesting thoughts.
  5. CBR : Comic Book Resources is a staple of the sci-fi geek. Get more updates, breaking news, and other items by checking out their Twitter feed.
  6. Image Comics : Founded by artist Todd McFarlane, Image has proved itself to be a contender to the major two labels. Tweets not only give updates but tips on creating your own comics.
  7. Vertigo Comics : Part of DC Comics, they focus on more adult comics. Get a preview by clicking on a link.
  8. Comic List : If you have boxes and boxes of comics, follow this Twitter feed to make the most of them. It specializes in empowering consumers with timely information.
  9. Comic Vine : Get info all about comics from someone who loves them a lot. Tweets often link to comics of interest.
  10. Comic Wallet : This Twitter user makes and sells wallets created from the pages of comics and manga. Check out his work by giving him a follow.

Fun Screenwriter Twitter Feeds for Serious SciFi Geeks
The above actors wouldn’t have much to say if not for the writing done in the Twitter feeds of these sci-fi geeks.

  1. Kevin Smith : Perhaps best known for his role as Silent Bob, Kevin is also the writer/director of the Jay and Silent Bob films. He is also behind the new movie “Cop Out” and creator of the Smodcast. Beware of explicit tweets.
  2. Paul Feig : While his former television show was not sci-fi, “Freaks and Geeks” took a ground breaking view of geeks, sci-fi and not. Tweets are often hilarious and well written.
  3. Felicia Day : Another writer/actress, Felicia also broke ground with her immensely popular web series, “The Guild.” Tweets are “kept real” and often reply to fans.
  4. Robert Rodriguez : Another writer/director, he is probably best known to sci-fi geeks as the director of “Sin City.” His new film is “Machete” and he tweets all about it.
  5. Neil Gaiman : If you enjoyed “Coraline” or “Stardust,” Neil is to thank. He also writes popular comic books and interesting tweets.
  6. Jane Espenson : If you are enjoying the Syfy series “Caprica,” thank Jane, who has also worked on “Buffy” and “Dollhouse.” Tweets are on items that interest her.
  7. Damon Lindelof : One of the forces behind mega-hit “Lost,” Damon admits he has no idea what the numbers mean. Tweets are often random and amusing. If you like him, you can also check out Carlton Cuse.
  8. Paul Cornell : He is most recognized for his writing on “Dr. Who,” along with comic books. Tweets are often what he is up to, along with geeky bits.
  9. Paul Dini : He is probably best known for revolutionizing animation with “Batman: The Animated Series.” See what he is working on now by checking out his tweets.

Fun Artist Twitter Feeds for Serious SciFi Geeks
These individuals both draw and write some of your favorite works.

  1. Warren Ellis : With a love of booze and smokes, Warren isn’t shy about his misgivings. With tons of comics to his credit, including the completely free FreakAngels, Warren’s demented yet insightful tweets are a must read for any sci-fi geek.
  2. Brian Bendis : His comics are so popular, he actually had to start Jinx World to keep track of them. Tweets are links, thoughts, and more.
  3. Scott Kurtz : If you haven’t read the “Player vs. Player” comic strip, check out these tweets to see why you should. Tweets are on the comic and daily life.
  4. Jim Lee : Jim’s drawing style has made him one of the most sought after artists in the comic world. Tweets are on random thoughts.
  5. Ed Brubaker : He is the award winning writer of titles such as “Captain America.” He often links to items of interest when not answering fan’s questions.
  6. Jason Thibault : If you enjoy Optimum Wound Comics, Jason is to thank as the writer, artist, and publisher. Tweets are often comic or sci-fi related.
  7. C. B. Cebulski : If you want to create comics of your own, follow this Twitter feed. C.B. is a talent scout for Marvel and tweets about what it takes.
  8. Brain Wood : He is the creator of comics such as DMZ, Northlanders, and others. See what he is up to by following tweets.
  9. Rob Liefield : Creator of the popular character Deadpool and others, Rob is also a leading comic book artist. Tweets are often on sports and other things that interest him.
  10. J. Scott Campbell : He is an artist and creator of titles such as “Gen 13″ and “Danger Girl.” Tweets are often sci-fi related.
  11. Scott Allie : He is both an editor and writer for Dark Horse Comics. Tweets are often responses to fans.

Fun Author Twitter Feeds for Serious SciFi Geeks
If sci-fi novels are more your thing, click the below Twitter feeds.

  1. Amber Benson : Also an actress and film maker, she is best known for her role in “Buffy.” Her new series is called “Death’s Daughter” and is picking up steam. See what she is up to by following tweets.
  2. Cory Doctorow : This science fiction writer can be found on both Boing Boing and Craphound. Tweets often reply to readers.
  3. Great Dismal : Also known as William Gibson, he is the author of books such as “Spook Country” and “Pattern Recognition.” Tweets are equal parts confusing and often.
  4. Joe Hill : A pen name, Joe Hill actually has deeper roots. Author of the terrifying “Heart Shaped Box” and others, you can learn more about him by following tweets.
  5. Jay Lake : He is the author of titles such as “Mainspring” and “Green.” Tweets are often on writing or responses.
  6. Michael Marshall Smith : Writing tons of science fiction, his books include “Only Forward” and “The Straw Men.” He often links to blog entries with loads more.
  7. John Scalzi : He made headlines by posting his first novel online. Tweets are both random and interesting.
  8. Christopher Golden : Author of tons of books for young adults, comics, and science fiction, this Twitter feed is full of news and advice. You can also get tweets on what he is up to.
  9. Terry and Rob : Any sci-fi geek with a few books on their shelf knows who Terry Pratchett is. With the help of his assistant, Rob, they have a Twitter feed. Unfortunately, tweets are too far apart.

Fun News Twitter Feeds for Serious SciFi Geeks
Never get scooped again with the help of these Twitter feeds.

  1. Wired : A staple for sci-fi geeks who love technology, they have their very own Twitter feed. Tweets often read back to free articles.
  2. MythBusters : See something in a science fiction show that you don’t believe? Then check out this Twitter feed for the science behind the fiction.
  3. Suicide Girls : Beautiful naked girls bring news in punk rock, Goth, science fiction, and more. Their Twitter feed links to items of interest.
  4. Think Geek : Learn more about cool products for science fiction lovers who enjoy tech. Lists include fiction, shows, news, and celebrities.
  5. SyFy : The television network for science fiction geeks, they have their own Twitter feed. Craig Engler tweets on what it is like to work for the channel, passes along news, and even answers questions.
  6. SFX Magazine : Stop here for the Twitter feed to one of the leading science fiction and fantasy magazines. Get links to articles, updates, and more.
  7. Ezine Articles : Over 200,000 authors contribute to this massive site on an array of topics, including science fiction. Get all sorts of useful reads by checking them out.
  8. Slashfilm : Peter Sciretta is behind a website of the same name. Get reviews and updates on all of your favorite science fiction films by following him.
  9. Fantasy SF News : Get news on fantasy and science fiction from the writers of a blog of the same name. Tweets link back to items of interest.

Fun Twitter Feeds for Serious SciFi Geeks by SciFi Geeks
These Twitter feeds are by fans just like you, so pull up a chair and get clicking.

  1. iFanboy : Three guys host a podcast all about comic books and science fiction. See what they like and don’t by looking at their tweets.
  2. BlofferATF : This blogger reviews science fiction and fantasy books. Get reviews, daily life, and more by following.
  3. SF Signal : A group science fiction blog, they are located in Houston. Get headlines on science fiction, along with responses.
  4. Sheila Ruth : She is a self-proclaimed “Empress of YA fantasy and science fiction.” See what she likes and doesn’t by following her tweets.
  5. Shaun Duke : He is a graduate student who both writes and reviews science fiction. Tweets often link to items of interest.
  6. Mistress : Scarlett Corset is a finicky reader and reviewer. See what she likes and get responses to tweets by following her.
  7. Mulluane : Located in Virginia, this sci-fi geek reviews fantasy series. Tweets are on reading, writing, and more.
  8. Fantasy Cafe : This science fiction geek is host of a blog of the same name. They also write in their spare time.
  9. Robert McKay : Based in Seattle, he is a fantasy reader and writer who enjoys tech, the Bible, and Wil Wheaton. Tweets are often random thought.

Video Game Twitter Feeds for Serious SciFi Geeks
Because science fiction isn’t all reading or watching, learn more about your favorite video games by checking out these Twitter feeds.

  1. Sony Play Station : Get updates for your favorite machines including PS2, PS3, and PSP with these tweets. They also link to many contest with great prizes.
  2. EA : Electronic Arts makes tons of video games, many of which are fan favorites. Follow tweets for updates on all of their games.
  3. Sega : Go beyond Sonic the Hedgehog with this Twitter feed. It contains all the latest information on games and new releases.
  4. Nintendo News : If Super Mario and his buddies are your brand, visit here. The Twitter feed contains the latest news for the Wii and DS.
  5. Ubisoft : This company is behind the popular Prince of Persia game. They even occasionally give tips to players.
  6. Capcom : This maker of video games was made famous for the Streetfighter games. Tweets are often responses to questions.
  7. Game Trailers : Not just for movies anymore, there are actually trailers for upcoming video games. See the newest by visiting here.
  8. Play Station Show : A website of the same name tweets on all things PlayStation. Lists include video games, Sony, and more.
  9. PS3 Attitude : If you feel guilty about all the games you play, stop here. PS3 news with a cause, all of their profits go to charity.

Random Twitter Feeds for Serious SciFi Geeks
Get the best of the rest by checking out these miscellaneous science fiction Twitter feeds.

  1. Justin : A true science fiction geek, Justin still lives at home with his parents. Entitled “S^&t My Dad Says,” his Twitter feed is random bits of wisdom from his 74 year old father.
  2. Dr. Horrible :  This was one of the first and best web series ever created. In an extra twist of fun, updates on the series and more are regularly featured here.
  3. Whedonesque : The works of Joss Whedon have graced this list several times. See what the fuss is all about by reading more headlines all about him and everyone else who has had a hand in his success.
  4. Little Big Fan : The “fans” may be small, but the love of science fiction is huge. Learn more about this game by checking out the tweets.
  5. Star Wars : Not to be outdone, the Star Wars franchise is still alive over 30 years after the release of the first film. Stop here to get the official Lucasfilm Twitter feed.
  6. SWTOR : Another Star Wars Twitter feed, this one is for enthusiasts of The Old Republic game. See what is happening in this world by visiting.
  7. World of Warcraft : Another multiplayer online game, this one is often referred to as WOW. Get all the latest news, quest information, and more.
  8. Everquest : This game is similar to the above. Learn what is new in the game by checking out tweets.
  9. Comic Book Guy : One of the original science fiction geeks, CBG is actually a character from “The Simpsons.” Although there hasn’t been a new tweet in a while, the old ones are still a hoot.

And there you have it, the top 100 fun Twitter feeds for serious science fiction geeks. Good for helping find a good read, watch, or game. Now, you’ve spent too much time on the computer and as CBG would say “Tootle Ooo.”