100 Blogs Every Science Student Should Subscribe To

If textbooks, lectures, and discussions aren’t enough to scratch that scientific itch, you’re in luck. The internet has become home to millions of bloggers and thousands of scientific bloggers. But before you overload Google searching for the best, have a look at this.

We have gathered the best in these 100 blogs every science student should subscribe to. Whether looking to beef up that research paper, try an experiment, or rule all in the next debate, they have loads to offer on everything from environment to skepticism.

Debatable Blogs Every Science Student Should Subscribe To

First challenge your own scientific perceptions by checking out these top science blogs.

    1. Overcoming Bias : Robin Hanson writes on honesty, signaling, forecasting, the future, and most importantly: disagreement. Popular tags include everything from academia to science standard biases. Blog entries are also full of supporting links to strengthen arguments.

    2. The Loom : Carl Zimmer is a regular scientific contributor to publications such as “The New York Times” and devotes his blog to a wide variety of scientific topics. Be sure not to miss the science tattoo emporium with loads of interesting images.

    3. Christian Science Monitor Discoveries : The Christian Science Monitor is an international news organization that delivers thoughtful, global coverage on many topics, including science. Their goal is to be unrelenting, fair, mindful of history, and broad in scope.

    4.  Observations : Get opinions, arguments, and analysis from the experts at “Scientific American.” Popular posts on the blog include smoking, statistics, and more.

    5. Less Wrong : This blog is devoted to refining the art of human rationality: the art of thinking. The new math and science is applied to daily life and is discussed in immense detail on this science blog.

    6. Pharyngula : PZ Myers is a biologist and associate professor at the University of Minnesota, Morris. The blog is upfront about “evolution, development, and random biological ejaculations from a godless liberal.”

    7. DC’s Improbable Science : David Colquhoun has had over half a million unique visitors to his science blog. For candid looks at truth, falsehood, and evidence on dubious science, it is easy to see why.

    8. Bad Science : Dr. Ben Goldacre is an award winning writer and author of a book of the same name. In addition to regular posts, he also has a mini blog, videos, and forums.

Teaching Blogs Every Science Student Should Subscribe To

If you need a little help making sense of the latest scientific discoveries, try these blogs.

    9. Not Exactly Rocket Science : Ed Yong is a British science writer who attempts to make the latest scientific discoveries interesting to everyone. He also offers a Twitter feed, Facebook page, and more.

    10. How Stuff Works : This leading website excels in explaining how science works to students at all levels. The experts check in here regularly via blogs to weigh in on even more.

    11. Science Insider : The AAAS brings you breaking news and analysis from the world of science policy. Recent entries are on vaccine science and Mars mission.

    12. Big Wide World : Learn about life after school in this science blog. Graduate students blog on science, career, and more.

    13. Science Punk : Frank Swain brings you the lighter side of science in this blog. Topics often involve humor as he explains both common and uncommon scientific principles.

    14. Tierney Lab : John Tierney’s love of science led to this blog at “The New York Times.” In it, he examines new research and rethinks conventional wisdom on science and society.

    15. Expeditions : Learn about scientific discoveries from across the world in this blog. Recent entries were on a nitrogen fixer and tsunami.

Skeptic Blogs Every Science Student Should Subscribe To

Get a skeptic’s view of science through these blogs.

    blogsdiscovermagazinecom16. Respectful Insolence : Orac is a surgeon/scientist with an ego just big enough to allow him to write about controversial scientific topics, yet small enough to do it respectfully. Topics tackled include alternative science, the anti-vaccine movement, and much more.

    17. Junk Science : Get all the “junk that’s fit to debunk” in this blog. Hot topics include global warming, obesity, and many other controversial areas of science.

    18. Skeptiblog : This is collaboration among some of the most recognized names in promoting science, critical thinking, and skepticism. It also features the cast and producers of The Skeptologists, a pilot skeptical reality show.

    19. Climate Skeptic : Warren Meyer originally started this science blog to help report climate developments in layman’s terms, particularly the science of the skeptic’s position. Favorites include a climate video and layman’s guide to man-made global warming.

    20. Bad Astronomy : Phil Plait is an astronomer, lecturer, and worked for ten years on the Hubble Space Telescope. He fights bad science in the skies, as well as praises true science.

    21. Quackwatch : Get expert insights on quackery, health fraud, and intelligent decisions from Dr. Barrett. Hot topics include healthcare reform and immunizations for kids.

    22. The Quackometer : Andy Lewis also blogs about quackery, health beliefs, and pseudoscience. Check out the top ten or search for you topic along with loads more here.

    23. Florilegium : Rycharde Manne takes you through his view of science. Entries are on neuroscience, discoveries, and many others.

    24. Green Skeptic : Scott Edward Anderson is founder of VerdeStrategy and a clean tech investor and entrepreneur. His blog focuses on the new green economy, along with its pro’s and con’s.

    25. Skepfeeds : If you still haven’t had enough of skeptic science blogs, click here for a feed to them all. Skepfeeds gathers various headlines to one convenient place.

Neuroscience Blogs Every Science Student Should Subscribe To

Learn while learning how you learn in these science blogs.

    26. Cognitive Daily : Get reports nearly every day on fascinating peer-reviewed developments in cognition from the most respected scientists in the field. Greta Munger is a professor of psychology at Davidson College and shares loads with her readers.

    27. Omni Brain : Another entry from Science Blogs, this psychology graduate student hopes to get a job at a Tier One research university. Frank and upfront posts make this blog stand out.

    28. Neurologica : Steven Novella brings you a daily fix of neuroscience, skepticism, and critical thinking.

    29. Mind Hacks : Matt and Tom bring you both neuroscience and psychology tricks to help you find out what’s going on inside your brain. Chapters of the blog include attention, integrating, reasoning, and more.

    30. Bering in Mind : Jesse Bering gives you a research psychologist’s look into human behavior. Recent posts are on sports psychology and the uniqueness of human hair.

    31. Neurodudes : This blog is intended to be an open forum at the intersection of neuroscience and artificial intelligence. Recent posts are on pink noise and a protein folding game.

    32. Brain Waves : Zack Lynch is the founder and executive director of the Neurotechnology Industry Organization and co-founder of NeuroInsights. His blog is intended for the serious neuroscience student.

    33. Developing Intelligence : This blog is maintained by Chris Chatham and is usually updated every weekday. Topics include developmental and computational cognitive neuroscience, comparative psychology, psychometrics, and artificial intelligence.

    34. Brain Hammer : Pete Mandik is from New York where he works as a professor of philosophy and cognitive science at William Paterson University. Get a look at neurophilosophy in his blog.

    35. The Frontal Cortex : Jonah Lehrer is your blogger and a contributing editor at Wired. Topics include everything from ethics to the latest internet-related disorders.

Blogs Every Health Science Student Should Subscribe To

Get expert entries on how the human body and the healthcare system works in these science blogs.

    36. New England Journal of Medicine : With articles featured as blog entries, this is a must visit. You can get links to original articles, along with the newest. Be sure not to miss the Image Challenge to diagnose a variety of conditions.

    37. Aetiology : Tara C. Smith is an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology whose research involves a number of pathogens at the animal-human nexus. The blog discusses causes, origins, evolution, and implications of diseases.

    38. Facts and Fears : Todd Seavey is the director of publications at the American Council on Science and Health. He often weighs in on science health headlines of the day.

    39. Weighty Matters : Dr. Freedhoff shares musings on both obesity medicine and cynical realism. He is a family practitioner and founder of the Bariatric Medical Institute in Ottawa.

    40. Center for Science in the Public Interest : This blog focuses more on the nutritional side of science. Read the latest release or use tools such as the liquid candy tax calculator or ten worst and best foods.

    41. Fisheye Perspective : Stop here for a blog on systems biology, bioinformatics, chemoinformatics, and more. Along with regular blog posts, there is also a video channel.

    42. The Sara Bellum Blog : From brain scans to virtual reality, scientists are doing cool things to learn more about the science of addiction and you can find it on this blog. Get the facts on drugs, brain games, and even a site for teens.

    43. Health Wonk Review : If you have questions about an issue in healthcare or the above blogs, stop here. This blog brings together the best in health and science blogging together in a biweekly compendium.

    44. Health Blog : To learn the business side of the healthcare industry, check out this science blog from “The Wall Street Journal.” Current popular entries are on Plavix and FDA reviews.

Blogs Every Tech Science Student Should Subscribe To

Get the latest news and updates on technology from these science blogs.

    45. Wired Blogs : A leading name in tech, this site has so many blogs, you can spend hours a day just catching up on your favorites. Choose from blogs on cars, war technology, gadgets, games, and so much more. The main site also stands out for its reviews and how-to sections.

    46. Pop Tech : Kristen Taylor and others bring you a blog on world changing people, projects, and ideas. Popular tags include culture, design, environment, and others.

    47. BBC Tech : This leading channel has a special section for technology. Read the top stories, get interviews with leaders, and much more.

    48. FT.com : Both technology and science are focused on in this blog. Current top stories include broadband shake up and cyber fraud.

    49. Brainspin : David Disalvo is a freelance writer, blogger, and researcher who writes about science, technology, and the cultural ripples of both. He has an activity feed that works much like Twitter, where you can also find him.

    50. Bits : Bits offers a steady stream of news and analysis on the technology industry throughout the day from “New York Times” writers and freelancers. They cover start-ups, tech leaders like Google and Apple, enterprise technology, government policies, and the way the internet is changing how we live and work.

    51. Pogue’s Posts : David Pogue is a long time follower of technology and science. His blog is full of posts on technology culture, cellphones, Apple, and more.

    52. Technut News : This blog reports on technology and breakthroughs in many areas. Categories include robotics, quantum physics, and wireless.

    53. Techmobiz : Stop here for technology, news, and innovations around the globe. There is even help for science students on things like writing essays and getting deals.

    54. Gizmodo : This blog is for all lovers of technology who love the latest in gadget technology. Get reviews, how-to’s, and much more.

    55. Nanoscale Views : Visit here for a blog about condensed matter and nanoscale physics. Doug tells everything in posts and gives loads of literature recommendations.

Green Blogs Every Science Student Should Subscribe To

If your scientific studies involve saving the Earth, check out these blogs.

    56. Real Climate : Get climate science from actual climate scientists in this blog. Working scientists stop in to comment for an interested public, along with journalists.

    57. Grist : A beacon in the smog, this science blog is a must visit. Choose from climate, food, politics, business, and more. The homepage even greets you with the top stories in green science.

    greenincblog58. Green Inc. : Another blog from “The New York Times,” this one focuses on energy, the environment, and the bottom line. Climate change and fossil fuels are also discussed.

    59. Solar at Home : Learn the trials and tribulations of going solar in this green science blog. The blogger has also begun installing panels into his home and lets you follow along.

    60. Climate Audit : Steve McIntyre takes a look at hockey stick studies, proxy data, and other statistics in his blog. Recent posts are on hurricanes and shut-eyed denial.

    61. Treehugger : This leading blog covers everything from how to go green in your own home to environmental politics. You can also interact with others and learn how to take action.

    62. Resilience Science : This blog strives to cope with ecological surprises in a human dominated world. Several bloggers discuss climate change, economics, science, and more.

    63. Dot Earth : Andrew Revkin examines efforts to balance human affairs with the planet’s limits. Conceived in part with support from a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, Dot Earth tracks relevant news from suburbia to Siberia.

    64. Warmlist : If still confused on global warming, stop here for a massive list of things allegedly caused by it. With topics from acne to yellow fever, each item has a corresponding link.

Blogs Every Life Science Student Should Subscribe To

Everything from plant to human science is discussed on the below blogs.

    65. PLOS Biology : This blog is a peer reviewed open access journal published by the Public Library of Science. View the most recently published, check out the featured discussions, or have a look at the most viewed entries.

    66. Extinction Countdown : This science blog brings you news and research about endangered species from around the world. Recent entries are on the bird population and tackling invasive plants.

    67. Bitesize Bio : Get brain food for cell and molecular biologists on this blog. Entries range from the DIY to job hunting.

    68. Nature Network : Get everything related to animal and plant science in this blog collective. The main site also has forums, people, and hubs.

    69. Bioethics : A top 50 choice from “The American Journal of Bioethics,” this blog follows the twists in science stories with a social impact. In addition to posts, you can also get news and podcasts.

    70. This Week in Evolution : “Darwinian Agriculture” author R. Ford Denison and occasional guests discuss recent scientific-journal articles about evolution. Choose by topic, species, and more.

    71. Origins : Although this blog has been currently discontinued, it is still a great stop for getting an expert look at the teachings of Darwin. Categories include evolution, essays, and science.

    72. Telic Thoughts : Get arguments on the other side of Darwin, intelligent design, here. A group of individuals coming from diverse backgrounds, find common ground around teleological concepts, including intelligent design.

    73. Watts up With That? : Technically not a life science blog, it is still worth a visit for unique looks at life, nature, weather, climate change, and more. Anthony is your host and a former television meteorologist with 25 years of experience.

Research Blogs Every Science Student Should Subscribe To

Stay on top of scientific breakthroughs with these research blogs.

    74. Improbable Research : This science research blog is a must subscribe in that it features stories that make you laugh and then think. An ideal choice for students who are stressed. They also have a TV channel and publications.

    75. Futurity : Stop here for the best in research science from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. You can also choose by your favorite topic in science.

    76. MIT Research : Popular research categories on this site include energy needs and cancer therapies. You can also choose to read the latest in research by every topic from aeronautics to urban studies.

    77. Lab Grab : This blog helps science share discoveries, news, and research findings. They also feature industry news, profiles, and the option to “grab more science.”

    78. Benchfly : The goals of this blog are to expand learning through video, provide guides for scientists, and reinvent the image of science. Popular posts include a research toolbar, awards, and model organism week.

    79. EurekAlert! : Get the headlines as they come in research on a wide variety of topics. They include agriculture, chemistry, math, and many others.

    80. Beyond Bones : Get the latest developments at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. It tells you the newest on display in anthropology, astronomy, energy, paleontology, and zoology.

    81. The Science Business : Discover which research breakthroughs are the money makers on this blog from “Forbes” magazine. Recent posts are on drugs, cancer, and HIV.

    82. In the Pipeline : This research science blog focuses specifically on drug discovery and pharmaceutical business. Get the latest data on new drugs, along with expert commentary.

News Blogs Every Science Student Should Subscribe To

Get the best headlines in science from these blogs.

    83. Science Daily : This blog stands out for updating its headlines several times a day. Choose from the usual topics, or even check out science videos.

    84. Scicentral : Research, news, and more are featured here. They also offer a variety of tools and resources, as well as smart guides for many scientific topics.

    85. Science/AAAS : The American Association for the Advancement of Science brings you the latest in news from across the globe. In addition to headlines, you can also get a scientific community and help for finding a job.

    86. Discovery News : The Discovery Channel brings you the latest in science headlines and even has experts on Earth, space, and technology. You can also get videos and tons more on the main site.

    87. Pop Sci : The experts at “Popular Science” regularly post top stories in science. Also a good choice if looking for headlines in gadgets, cars, and DIY.

    88. Short Sharp Science : Get just the facts in this blog from “New Scientist.” Several headlines a day discuss the latest, and the main site has loads more.

    89. Scientific Blogging : Tons of scientists post their research and discoveries on this site. Choose by topic, featured, or most popular entries.

    90. Live Science : Get news on everything from animals to technology here. Columns also feature cool science, tech news you can use, and many more.

    91. Sciencebase : This blog is full of science news, views, and interviews. They have an FAQ, breaking news, and other sections.

Podcasts Every Science Student Should Subscribe To

Use your ears instead of eyes to get even more science.

    92. 60 Second Science : This leading podcast from “Scientific American” gives you just what it promises: a concise, minute long look at science. With regular entries, you can listen to loads of new ones with a simple visit.

    93. The Naked Scientists : Science podcasts focus on questions and answers, Earth science, and much more. You can also choose from articles, do your own experiments at home, and even learn the why behind science.

    94. TED Talks : Simply click on the science tag to get dozens of expert lectures on science. Recent ones include healthcare, suspended animation, and placebos.

    95. Science Talk : Host Steve Mirsky disucsses the latest in science in another entry from “Scientific American.” They also offer podcasts for Earth and psychology science.

    96. NASA Podcasts : Learn the latest in scientific exploration of space straight from NASA. Six podcasts cover everything from the newest discoveries to the latest mission. You can also get videos, Ask an Astronomer, and tons more.

    97. TWIT : If technology is your science, you will love This Week in Tech. Leo, John, and Patrick discuss the latest trends in a roundtable like forum. Listen to the newest, or choose a podcast on a specific category such as Mac or security.

    98. Skeptoid : Brian Dunning gives a critical analysis of pop phenomena. He dedicates his podcast to furthering knowledge by blasting away pseudosciences that infect popular culture.

    99. Skepticality : This is the official podcast of “Skeptic” magazine. Similar to the above, they look at relevant, under reported current events, as well as in-depth discussions from a scientific, critical, skeptical, and humorous point of view.

    100. SDR News : Professional scientists can stop here for a podcast that reports on tech, business, and regulatory news. You can check out the latest episode or get video picks.

Whether just beginning your science studies, about to finish grad school, or a working scientist, there are loads of resources, tools, and much more on the above 100 blogs every science student should subscribe to.